Each year, the RRI Coalition responds strategically to priorities identified by local communities, complementing and adding value to existing initiatives and ensuring that community organizations and Indigenous Peoples’ representatives play major roles in guidance and governance.

The collective fingerprint of RRI’s Partners, Affiliated Networks and Collaborators is reflected in major tenure reforms in Brazil, China, and Indonesia; stronger tenure advocacy in South Asia, Central America, and West and Central Africa; greater global awareness of tenure in all things REDD; enhanced corporate responsibility standards and policy; and in women’s natural resource rights mobilization in Central and West Africa. The RRI family of institutions is mindful of the tremendous amount of work that is still to be done for the world’s forests, and the people and communities that call them home.

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Court victory secures collective tenure rights over 2,483 hectares

A recent court victory signals the Guatemalan government’s recognition of communities’ rights, thanks to legal and technical support for local communities in an ongoing campaign…

Women from across Africa rally in support of Liberia’s tenure reform

About 100 women brought together by The African Women’s Network for Community Management of Forests (REFACOF), representing 12 countries in Central and West Africa, participated…

Nepali forest minister commits to address community forestry concerns

Nepal’s Forest Minister, Mahesh Acharya, committed to address the concerns of community forest users following a rally attended by over 3,000 people in Sindhuli, at…