The expansion of large scale concessions across the forested regions of the world frequently negatively impacts the livelihoods of customary land users and small-holder enterprises. The body of work under the ATEMs theme is therefore aimed at bridging the knowledge gap between large and small scale production models, as well as engaging and influencing the set of private sector actors impacting land.


RRI identifies several broad goals related to ATEMs and the Private Sector. These include: 1) Developing alternative business models that support community enterprises; 2) Actively encourage pro-community forest business models in forest areas; 3) Expand engagement with the private sector, particularly major agricultural businesses and international investors in infrastructure and extractive industries to demonstrate the financial implications of tenure and governance risks; and 4) mobilize greater global effort to confront ‘land grabbing’ and protect community lands by catalyzing new alliances and initiatives to enable more strategic collaboration on advancing tenure, governance, and market reforms.

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