Forced evictions dragging down African investment: report

Environ 63 % des conflits liés aux investissements privés à base foncière et des ressources naturelles en Afrique sont causés par le déplacement forcé des populations, révélent de nouvelles recherches publiées, jeudi à Dakar, par la structure TMP Systems et l’Initiative des droits et ressources (RRI).

Land grabbing in Africa ‘is fueling conflicts’

New research released on Thursday by the Rights and Resources Institute shows that despite improvements in respect for communities’ rights by global companies, land rights remain largely ignored.

The need for transparency in land data

Data on customary lands of local communities is crucial to advocacy, securing legal recognition of land and resource rights, and measuring global progress.

Don’t Forget: Our Forests Are Valuable and We Live There

HONOLULU — Conservation organizations dedicated to protecting the world’s biodiversity hot spots often fail to take into account why the forests are still standing. Often,…

Conservation plans that sacrifice people could fail

The UN climate agreement signed off in Paris, France, in December 2015 intensified the global push to protect forests as ‘carbon sinks’ that can reduce…

Investor push urged to help secure indigenous land rights

Conditions are ripe for a global leap forward in recognising the land rights of indigenous people and forest communities, but investors and the public need to pressure governments to make it happen, an international network of forest policy groups said.